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Founded by Fernando Faria Miller, who has more than 30 years of judicial experience, having inclusively worked as Justice Attorney and Law Judge. MILLER ADVOCACIA E CONSULTORIA is a partnership comprising lawyers who act in the most varied fields of Law as notedly:

  • Entrepreneurial and Societary Law, with continual rendering of services to enterprises;
  • Tax Law;
  • Real Property Law, involving assistance in real estate incorporations;
  • Civil Law and Procedural Civil Law, with emphasis on the liability on traffic accidents and the civil medical liability, besides family relations, probations, civil causes in general and elaboration of contracts;
  • Administrative Law , mainly regarding writ mandamus;
  • Electoral Law;
  • Criminal Economic Law;
  • Environmental Law;
  • Oil, Natural Gas and Natural fuels Law.

The judicial body of the partnership is composed by, besides its associate founder, highly prepared professionals who inclusively have Master's degrees and Doctor's degrees being many of them university professors.

The office also reckons on bilingual professionals, lawyers who are proficient in English and Spanish.

The professional acting aims not only to be in attendance of clients who have isolated causes but also for judicial assistance to associate enterprises in preventive and contentious ways.

Installed in a self owned head-office with excellent structure, the office comprises six rooms on the 7th floor of the Edifício Pontes Barreto, in the downtown area of Campos-RJ, and renders services in all the State of Rio de Janeiro and moreover states in the country, reckoning on representatives in the most important capitals cities.

MILLER ADVOCACIA E CONSULTORIA, with its body of lawyers and trainees, also renders services as a representative of other advocacy offices of several parts of Brazil for diligence services, including the performance of hearings and procedure accompanying.

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